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Crepe Myrtles

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Poplar Bluff Garden Club Officers 2013-2015

Poplar Bluff Garden Club

  • Sharon Beck - Secretary
  • Jane Arnold - Treasurer
  • Freda Wilkerson - Corresponding Secretary
  • Becky Paxton - Vice-President
  • Connie Warren - President
Life and Honorary Members
Ms. Raymond Nelson
Ms. Rolin Duncan 1994
Ms. Bruce Ploetze 1997
Ms. Fannie Fuqua 1998
Ms. Ilaha Bunn and Ms. Nellie Olson 1999
Ms. Katie Findlay 2001
Ms. Sherry Wilson 2002
Ms. Nancy Segall 2005
Ms. Alana DeBord 2008
Mr. Floyd Findlay 2009
Ms. Cindy Boyers 2010
Ms. Meg LaPlante 2012

Central Region Life Member
Ms. Sherry Wilson 2013

National Life and Honorary Member
Ms. Judy Duncan 2005

Slideshow from 2012 Wappapello Festival of Lights Click Here

Members of Poplar Bluff Garden Club gather to plant Stella D'oro
daylilies and a variety of daffodil bulbs on a sloping embankment at the old
Union Pacific Railroad Depot (hopefully to be restored) in Poplar Bluff. October 2014

Members of Poplar Bluff Garden Club work diligently to plant
Stella D'oro daylilies and a variety of daffodil bulbs on a sloping
embankment at the old Union Pacific Depot (hopefully to be restored) in
Poplar Bluff. October 2014


Judy Smith, craftsman and artist shares her expertise in creating works of art using gourds at a April 2014 meeting.


Poplar Bluff Garden Club ladies planted a variety of bulbs on an
embankment on Hwy O near Poplar Bluff, MO. Nov. 2013

1.  Connie, Judy, & Freda
2.  Ladies of PBGC busy at work
3.  Meg LaPlante (Carol Talbott in b.g.)

It will be fun in spring to see how many bulbs came up.  There should be
something blooming over a period of about three months.

Poplar Bluff Garden Club


The Poplar Bluff Garden Club dedicated a Tulip Poplar tree, planted and located in the former yard of PBGC's first President Mrs. Myrtle Allison (75 years ago). PBGC has been active continually the whole 75 years--never folding and turning name over to a new incoming club. 

Poplar Bluff Garden Club


Poplar Bluff Garden Club Dedicates Historic Magnolia Tree May 2012

  • Alana dedicates the 82 year old Southern magnolia on Library grounds.
  • Alana speaks of what the old tree might have witnessed over her 82 years of living on this corner of the City Library grounds near downtown Poplar Bluff.
  • Guest speaker Bob Manns refers to the tree as "The Bear Tree" because many years ago a pet bear climbed up in the tree after escaping his cage.
  • PBGC members listen attentively.
  • Connie Warren read a poem.
  • John Stannard speaks of Dr. Hendrix who planted the tree in 1930 on what was then the Poplar Bluff Hospital grounds.
  • Special guests at tree dedication.
  • The Memorial plaque. The wording was suggested by John Stannard.
  • Magnolia BlossomDr. H. M. Henricksons granddaughter, Mary Godwin,, spoke about him and unveiled the plaque. Mary's Grandmother picked the blossoms for the people hospitalized.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Magnolia Blossom9

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Please Do Not Plant Bradford Pear Trees. Save Missouri Forests

The invasion of the Bradford Pear and its take over throughout the state was once believed to be sterile plant is now reproducing and spreading causing numerous problems.  The plant with its early blooming flowers in the spring does not fair well in the state's winds and ice storms.  When planted close together, they can repolluniate themselves and the small fruit seeds spread by birds.  For years the Poplar Bluff Garden Club has spoken against the planting of this invading tree and has suggested the planting of crepe myrtles instead.  A crepe myrtle can be a bush or a tree.  It is very conducive to the southeast Missouri weather.  It blooms in mid summer until late fall.  Poplar Bluff Garden Club would like to encourage all home owners and businesses to plant crepe myrtles and try to promote Poplar Bluff as the Crepe Myrtle Capital of Missouri as other towns promote azaleas. 


Save our Historic Railroad Staircase

The Poplar Bluff, MO Historic Train Depot is in desparate need of repair. The committee members are hopeful the 1910 depot will become a transportation hub. In addition to being used as a station for passengers riding Amtrak trains, It could be used by Greyhound Bus Service, the local transit service and taxicabs. The Poplar Bluff Depot is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. For more information click here. ) (In memory of Dennis Glaze, thank you for all that you have contributed to this project)


Semo.news RELEASE from the Poplar Bluff Garden Club May 11, 2012

Poplar Bluff Garden Club celebrates 75 years

By Liz Ellis, Reporter

Poplar Bluff Garden Club Celebrates 75 yearsIn 1937, the Poplar Bluff Garden Club was founded by 16 women who met twice a month during the spring and once a month during the winter to plan out activities. They held flower shows and fundraiser's, and planted and landscaped all over town.

Poplar Bluff Garden Club members (from left) Katie Findlay, Judy Duncan, Judy Sheets and Rose Brown display a hand sewn picture of the county’s state flowers that the club completed circa -1960.

Now, 75 years later, the club has a long history and an impressive legacy left behind.

“I love the friendship and the feeling that we do something that is worthwhile. We’re not just some ladies’ circle out there having fun,” said Katie Findlay, a member since 1992. “We work hard and do a lot during the year.”

In fact, the garden club is constantly doing something for the community. Their projects include planting crepe myrtles around town, planting a tree every Arbor Day, landscaping public areas including the Poplar Bluff Public Library and Three Rivers College, putting wreaths on the Blue Star Memorial, planting petunias at City Hall, planting roses at the John J. Pershing VA Medical Center and more.

“It’s amazing what we’ve done in the years I’ve been a member,” said Alana DeBord, who began with the club in 1998. “We’re all getting older, but we’re still so active… I’m proud of what we’ve done in the community.”

Most recently, the club celebrated Arbor Day by dedicating a tree at the library and visiting the Kindergarten Center to talk to the children about nature and gardening.

“This is a very active club. They are always doing something for the community to beautify Poplar Bluff. They do a lot for the community, and it is very educational,” former member Penny Lynch said.

Centered on nature and the community, the organization is more than happy to cater to everyone—even those who know little about gardening.

“I’m not a gardener. To me it’s just work…” said Judy Duncan, a member since 1977. “I joined to learn about gardening. I didn’t have a clue when I joined, but I have learned a lot. I joined for the artistic side of it.”

The organization is not simply about flowers either. In fact, they also help provide information about birds, keep bird sanctuaries and conduct bluebird walks. Nature and all that it entails is what the club is about.

“It’s about the environment and water resources, recycling, birds… It’s not just plants. It’s the environment. Nature. It’s very broad,” Duncan continued.


Congratulations to the Poplar Bluff Garden Club
for winning the award for
Most New Members for 2009!


Poplar Bluff Garden Club Quilt Winner

Member of:
National Garden Clubs, Inc.     
Central Region      
Southeast District of Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri 
Poplar Bluff Council of Federated Garden Clubs

Federated 1946

Students from Mr. Tom Allen's junior high class plant
Poplar trees and Crepe Myrtles at Poplar Bluff Junior High.

Arbor Day 2011 Poplar Bluff Garden Club

Citation Award was presented to Mr. Ray Weber for his work in building blue bird houses and establishing blue bird trails. Presented by Sherry and Becky.

Citation Award by the Poplar Bluff Garden Club

Garden Club Week Proclaimation June 2009
Rose, Fannie, Judy, Mayor Matthews, Sherry, Nancy and Katie (in front)

Garden Club Proclaimation

Garden Club Week

Garden Tour June 2009 Becky's Home

2009 Garden Tour Becky's Home

Arbor Day Planting at the Poplar Bluff Manor

Poplar Bluff Manor

New Officer Installation for 2011 Left to Right
Cindy Boyers, President, Connie Warren, Vice President, Jane Arnold, Treasurer, Jane Hansmann,Corresponding Secretary, and Katie Findlay, Historian, and Sherry Wilson past president.  Not present for picture is Becky Paxton, secretary.

2011 Poplar Bluff GC Officers

PB Gardenclub PBGardenclub

Daytrip to Big Springs, Van Buren, MO

Riverview Winery

Daytrip to the Riverview Winery, Commerce MO

Smokey Bear Winners

Here are the two Smokey Bear/Woodsey Owl contest winning posters from Oak Grove school. There were 2 winning posters out of 57 entries. All participants were in the 4th grade and received $1.00 and a certificate. The winners (left to right), Kimberly Scott and Baylee Mae Valenzuela, will receive $5.00, a ribbon and certificate and their posters will be submitted to the Federated Garden Clubs for a Regional competition.

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